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First of all, welcome to the first edition of GBG eZine in 2010!


In 2010 we intend to continue creating high quality and valuable content and downloads - exclusively for our GBG members and that's you!


So, in this issue we bring you a bunch of free downloads and one special offer:


(1) New Valentines Photoshop brushes set "Crowned Hearts",

(2) One totally cool Valentine's background,

(3) "Love Bears" Photoshop video tutorial,

(4) Valentines card template and,

(5) A Very Special GBG offer (huge savings, expires on 24th of January)!


All in all, very useful stuff for your design, scrapbook, photobook, print or web projects - just in time for the Valentine's day!



FREE Photoshop brushes set: "Crowned Hearts (7+7)"


FREE Photoshop brushes set: "Crowned Hearts (7+7)"


Just like we said in the introduction, nothing like a good FREE Valentines Photoshop brushes set just before the Valentines season! Here they are, ladies and gentleman, "Crowned Hearts"!


Download "Crowned Hearts" Photoshop brushes -->>

FREE Download: "Heartly Background" :)


FREE Download: "Heartly Background" :)


And another free download for our GBG members! For your Valentines projects we prepared "Heartly Background". Print ready. JPG file in ZIP: 3600X3600 pixels at 300 dpi (12x12 inches)


Download "Heartly Background" -->>

"Valentine's Photoshop Brushes Bundle" + exclusive "Love Bears" Photoshop Brushes!


Special Discount, Valentine's Hearts Pack - "Special GBG Valentines Pack" + Special Add on Photoshop Brushes set: "Love Bears"!




For this Valentine's season we gathered all of our Valentine's PREMIUM Photoshop brushes (a total of 103 in three sets) into one bundle and gave it a special bundle price!


This bundle contains:


1. Hearts Photoshop brushes set (32)
2. Valentine's Photoshop brushes set, SE (21+21 brushes) + 21 PNG Valentine's files

3. Circled Hearts Photoshop brushes set (40+40 brushes)


If you were to buy these three PREMIUM, Commercial use, Photoshop brushes sets individually for a regular price of $9.99 each, the total price would come up to $29.97.


However, since you are a GBG member, we prepared this special, time limited offer so this Valentines bundle may be yours for $19.98! That's $9.99 saving!


And that's not all! In order to express our thankfulness for being a GBG member we will give you a brand new, fresh and really, really cute Photoshop brushes set called "Love Bears" for FREE!


Please note: We wanted to keep the "Love Bears" in a limited distribution. This means that "Love Bears" set it is not available for sale or for download. It comes exclusively as a gift for "Valentines bundle" buyers.


So, here it is. The "Valentine's bundle"

Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32)


Photoshop Brushes: Valentine's (21+21) Second Edition + 21 PNG files

Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32)

Preview -->>

* 32 Hearts PS Brushes

* regular price $9.99


Photoshop Brushes: Valentine's (21+21) Second Edition + 21 PNG files

Preview -->>
* 21+21 Christmas PS Brushes

* 21 transparent PNG files (3500 pix)
* regular price $9.99

Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes set (40+40)


Love Bears PS Brushes - Special Edition (10+10)

Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes set (40+40)

Preview -->>

* 40+40 Circled Hearts PS Brushes
* regular price $9.99


Love Bears PS Brushes - Special Edition (10+10)
* not available for sale or download anywhere else

Preview "Love Bears" PS Brushes HERE -->> Photoshop Video Preview

Get all this in one single pack!

Get The Valentine's Bundle Now!

This is the perfect chance to get ready for the Valentine's day and all hearts/love related designs you will ever do!

This special offer is available to GBG members only and expires on Januray 24th 2010!



Photoshop Video Tutorial: "Love Bears" Photoshop brushes set :)


Photoshop Video tutorial: How to Use Christmas Ornaments Photoshop Brushes set :)


"Love Bears" Photoshop Brushes set are not available for sale or download anywhere else except in Special Valentine's Bundle. This video will show you the "Love Bears" and how to use them.


VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to use "Love Bears" Photoshop brushes set -->>

FREE Download: Valentine's Day Card Design Template


Valentine's Day Card Design. Add some lovin' text to it, print it out and give it to the one you love :)


FREE Download: Valentine's Day Card Design Template


Preview Valentine's Day Card Design Template HERE -->>


Get this FREE JPG Card Template HERE -->

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Have Fun Creating!


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