GBG Down

Dear visitors, GBG members,

GreenBulbGang web site was a vicitom of a cowardly hack attack. Although a little boy who did this was successful, he has nothing to be proud of. The site was not well protected. Honestly, I never thought anyone would be interested in hacking this site as there was really nothing to gain from it. So, it was not well protected and the hack was done using tools for begginers.

The little boy who did this gained nothing. No credit card numbers were available on this site anyway, most of the files for the download were free and I somehow doubt that they will be of any use to whoever did this.

The only result of this hack was damage for the pure sake of making a damage. Something only degenerics could enjoy. Sending spam emails. Phising. Only low-life scum does stuff like that. So, to whoever did this - I'd recommend a treatment if I thought it would help. But it wouldn't. You see, I will rebuild this site and chances are that you will remain an arsehole for life.

Instructions for members

If you ever made a purchase on GBG - no worries, we've got your back. Just make a reply to the email which you received after making a purchase and I will make the purchased files available for you on alternate location until the site is rebuilt.

When will the site be back?

Unfortunately the damage done was serious and the site will have to be re-built from scratch. It will take months.

Where can I buy stuff that used to be available on GBG?

Until the GBG is rebuilt the best of GBG is also available on it is my shop built on Etsy infrastructure.

In addition, more of my work can be found on