In today’s era, human-to-human interaction is widely dependent on social media networks and the online presence of people. Because of this, every business tends to sell its products and services via digital platforms. Digital marketers focus their attention on human behaviours and trends. And decide how to sell their products and services accordingly.

The strategy of individual-based marketing is becoming a thing of the past. And its place is taken by personality-based marketing techniques! Because individual-based marketing tracks each user’s actions and recommends them the products and services which they are likely to buy. But personality-based marketing helps digital marketers to notice the collective groups of people who show similar traits. Personality-based marketing largely depends on the person’s physical, genetic and emotional history. It has become easier for digital marketers and technologists to use machine learning techniques. They help to classify or cluster groups based on their traits. Each personality suits different kinds of products and services. Because of course, not all people have similar tastes and likings. 

In research, it has been proved that personality traits have similar patterns where gender is classified

Personality-based digital services are now in the market and are becoming increasingly popular. Some are instant recruiting products based on personality traits and some are recommendation systems or services. Meanwhile, recommendation systems used to have user-specific marketing strategies but now it is being focused on personality-based marketing strategies. Up till now, personality-based marketing methodologies have been largely neglected in the market. But recent research has proved that incorporating personality information facilitates improving the accuracy of recommendations.

For instance, to analyze personality-based marketing approaches, we need to first understand the bulk amount of social media data. Data that concerns the larger personality parameters. Based on the personality parameters it’s easier for analysts to predict the personality of the particular section. And then that machine can predict the user personality or pattern to which it matches. And accordingly, it’s so much easier for marketers and managers to infer the recommending services or products for that particular pattern of traits. In personality-based marketing, the cast, creed, demographics, religion, physical, and brain’s neural structure build up the trait pattern.

Researchers evidence

The researchers found empirical evidence that the C5.0 approach can be used for validly mining social media for a user’s personality. Which is very interesting for new marketing/personalization and recruiting services. Also, there have been ongoing studies of the various businesses which have personality traits seen whether they will fail or succeed in the future. As this knowledge is easily accessible to the youngsters, it’s easy for them to plan, decide and build their marketing entrepreneurship journey quickly. The one who knows the inside-out of the personality-based marketing approach will be ahead of the other digital marketers. And he/she could be the kingmaker in this domain.

However, in this digital world personality traits will play a long run and eventually make digital users and entrepreneurs adapt as early as possible.

Personality-based Marketing Approaches

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